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InterPharmServ Review #58


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I’m always very skeptical when it comes to new srcs here on eroids but I browsed through ips I liked what I saw hit them with an email and decided to take a chance and I’m glad I did Walter has shown me great customer service communication and quality gear

Communication & Ordering process

His communication has been spot on for me he always replies promptly sometimes within minutes but normally always responds to me within 12hrs or less….. His customer service is excellent great job ips team !

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

I ordered through the holidays and I still got both my packs within 3 days which is great for an international src

Items ordered

Testequinex 450
Boldenex-u 300
Cypionex 250 (will not review haven’t used yet)

Product effectivenes and experience

His oils are thicker than what I’m used too but no complaints it goes through a 25g that’s all that matters to me

Ill start with his test/eq blend i have just stopped using prop as a kicker 2 weeks ago and I feel no drop in test strength, sex drive is non stop normally I use 300 mg test e but this 250 dose seems to be just as strong if not stronger for me I’m using 500 mgs per week.


So the test blend also has 200 mgs eq which for me is my first time using this compound not only am I using the blend I have grabbed extra vials. The first 2 weeks I front loaded 1000 mgs then dropped to 700 which I feel more comfortable both oils are very smooth I’m yet to experience any pip from either one I have been noticing increased vascularity every week also I’m eating like a monster luckily I have good will power to stop myself from eating I’ve never had such appetite. One thing that is standing out to me is the pumps I’m getting from this compound I’m definitely enjoying so far can’t wait till I’m 12+ weeks in so I can see more I can’t review the test cyp as I will add this compound later on in my cycle.

I started at 212lbs I have since gained 222lbs I know some of it is water but judging from the strength and endurance I feeling in the gym and through out the day I’m definitely more than satisfied with genexpharma

Additional commentary

The genexpharma brand has great presentation the oils the wrapping and also the site are well put together but besides that the gear is doing what it’s supposed too and on top of that the customer service is great when he’s verified I will post pics & bloods

I recommend shopping here!

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