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InterPharmServ Review #15


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I’ve been using Interpharmserv for a couple years but have had to lay off only due to financial difficulty. I’ve bragged to many people of the quality and professionalism of how the products are packaged. I’ve been very pleased with the products and customer service thus far and would highly recommend checking out IPS. And Walter is always helpful

Communication & Ordering process

Walter is always good with communication and helpful if it’s not a busy time

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Products were always packaged very well and professional

Items ordered

I’ve used their test 400, the tren/mast/test combo, test enth 250, test cyp, test and eq combo as well as clenbuterol and their dianabol and cialis. All products were top quality

I recommend shopping here!

Shop Steroids here: https://interpharmserv.com

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