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Bitcoins is cryptocurrency, a virtual encrypted digital money. It went from an internet anti-establishment idea to a multibillion dollars market in only 10 years! Mt.Gox & the darkweb market place put Bitcoin on the map. Bitcoins became well known as the number one cryptocurrency of choice for criminal. This virtual digital asset use the blockchain technology. You can look at the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization at CoinMarketCap.com This encrypted virtual digital currency (Bitcoins) allow you to send money instanly to anybody worldwide without third party like bank, government or other involve in the middle. You buy Anonymously if you don’t use your personal info to buy the Bitcoins. No I.D. (identity card)required, that mean low risk of identity theft, fraud or others.


#1- Set up your Bitcoins wallet & start purchasing Bitcoins online. We suggest “Electrum” bitcoin wallet to store you btc.
#2- Use a Bitcoins exchange service like LocalBitcoins.com to buy Bitcoins or find an ATM Bitcoins machine that will send Bitcoins to your wallet by scanning QR code in exchange for cash. CoinAtmRadar.com will help you to find the nearest ATM machine in your area. LocalBitcoins.com exchange service market it’s a trusted popular place with good reputation to buy Bitcoins. There you’ll buy Bitcoins safely using “Escrow Release service” to protect you & the seller during the transaction. How it work? It work by keeping your payment safe in deposite wallet that you’ll set up on LocalBitcoins.com until the terms between you & the seller have been reached. Whatever if you pay face to face or using other payment methods like Western union, Moneygram, Paypal, Bank transfert, Credit card, E-transfert, Gift card or others you are protected by the “escrow release service” on LocalBitcoins.com. If problem happen between you & the seller the “escrow release service” will take charge of it. Find a seller with good reputation on LocalBitcoins.com, read the review about him, contact him to negociate the terms & conditions before making your Bitcoins trade. If you choose to set up a face to face meeting to trade with the seller we recommend you to meet in a busy public place. Don’t forget you’ll have cash on you, take somes precautions! Be sure to have internet & your digital wallet access via smartphone, tablet, laptop or on a smart device of your choice at your face to face meeting with the seller to confirm you received the Bitcoins & complete the transaction. Meet the seller, he send the Bitcoins in your digital wallet. Wait till you received at least 2 transaction confirmation in your wallet then give the cash to the seller & that’s it simple as that!

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