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InterPharmServ Review #12


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Very good steroid supplier – Very good source of legitimate steroids here! I would like to share my experience with the Interpharmserv team at: interpharmserv.is (International Pharmacy Service). I bought steroids a few months ago. Service, communications and everything was top notch. They are very professional team. They answer all my emails quickly and place orders within 2 days. The package is very professional No broken objects and very discreet,
Can say the best quality equipment that I ran. I recommend you buy all your steroids from: interpharmserv.is. They are the best team and they have the best equipment available in the world. Interpharmserv.is was very good to treat!

Communication & Ordering process

Excellent service, very professional, speed of answers, exchange of mails, and details of the process of order. perfect

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Package very discreet and protected, no problem no breakage

Items ordered

Profinex 200 x 12

Product effectivenes and experience

First time used their product, Profinex is very good products, feels very strong against a little pip during the injections but nothing serious,
the effects sweats at night, insomnia (huge) oily skin, ….
Used 3 times / weeks
period of 3 months, I felt hard as a rock. I really felt the Profinex 200 like crazy at 600 mg a week. Insomnia, night sweats, you name it. the pump is amazing and very little pip. I had to heat the syringe a few times, my libido remains at a very high level since the beginning of this cycle … Genexpharma impressive cycle, will certainly order GenexPharma products again. Interpharmserv as always with high quality products. Genexpharma is the best! I have never had a problem with interpharmserv, everything they sell is legitimate and of superior quality. Delivery times are always fast, most things happen in a week.

Additional commentary

I think these guys are great in terms of quality and professionalism, I will take advantage of this new promo to refuel.
I thank the team InterPhermserv very soon for a new order, I recommend without worries, trusted

I recommend shopping here!Shop Steroids here: https://interpharmserv.com

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