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InterPharmServ Review #8


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Interpharm Anavar and Cialis review

Communication & Ordering process

Dealing with Walter at Interparm is always very easy and without any issues. Walter is very polite and answers any questions in a few hours. I have placed 3 orders with him in the past year and will be a return customer for a 4th order.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

All 3 orders are packaged very nicely and delivery takes about 1 week from time donation is collected.

Items ordered

Current order was
3 100 count packs of Genex Anavar 10mg
1 40 count pack of Genex Cialis 20mg

Product effectivenes and experience

The Anavar was used by both my girlfriend and myself. She ran it at 10mg ED, split if 2 doses and I ran 40mg per day split in 2 doses. I ran a at home steroid ID test on the Var to make sure it was what it was supposed to be before giving it to my girlfriend and it tested as Var. This is her second cycle and her results were as expected. Splitting the 10mg pills with a pill cutter does not work. It ends up crushing the pills so you will have to take the time break them with your fingers. My cycle was 20mg twice a day. This was my first Var cycle so I kept my expectations low, being that it is a mild oral and I was taking a low dose for men. I did not gain much weight but I did notice my strength increase more then just on TRT. I also am running Genex Sust from a previous order with Interparm at 250mg every week. This is one of my favorite brands of test to use. The Cialis is top notch, 1 pill if you want to not worry about going soft and 2 pills if you really want to make an impression for the next day or two. The sides of stuffy nose and headaches are mild in comparison with other brands of Cialis that I have used.

Additional commentary

Thanks Walter and keep up the good work, bro!!

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