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InterPharmServ Review #21


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Another successful order with interpharmserv.is. This cycle was a tren/anadrol cycle which was a beast obviously. Started at a soggy 170 due to acl reconstruction. Kicked the cycle off with some test prop and anadrols. Test e at 300 and ended up going to 600. Kept tren e at 200 to minimize sides, also at this dose I don’t get and prog issues. Anadrols were awesome the pumps were nice n painful. Only downside is they affected my appetite. Ended up getting to a solid 190 waaaay leaner, awesome cycle. Tapered down with test prop as well as hcg while doing the prop tapper and it worked great. Post cycle I’m siting just a lil over 180 so overall I’m very happy because I’m a lot leaner then when I stared and put on some decent size and picked my injured leg/knee back to where it needs to be. Next cycle just received from them after a very long time waiting. Had to have a reship for obvious reasons but they took care of that lol packing was nice n discrete! Will review that one later

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