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InterPharmServ Review #18


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Was recommended this source after having great experience with the genex pharma brand from another source before joining eroids. IPS has been a great source always comes through and has everything I need for cycle or pct. All products I’ve used have been potent and quality.

Communication & Ordering process

Great communication, Walter and IPS team are always friendly and respond quickly to any questions so far have made several orders and never really any issue’s, smooth orders and easy to navigate site.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

I think I’ve had about 6 orders total even before joining this site every pack landed very quick for international, I have never had a pack take over two weeks from payment and it always comes tightly securely wrapped and discrete. A+ in this department for sure.

Items ordered

4+Testonex e 250
3+ propionex test p
1+profionex test p tren ace
(All genex brand)

Product effectivenes and experience

So I’m mainly reviewing the test e I have used the prop before and loved it and the tren blend was for later but what happened is before I got this ordered I ran orals way to long and dht compounds. My family doc just suggested coming off for a few months as I was having horrible heartburn and lethargy without to much detail and by looking at me he knew I use anabolics I was honest and he was like whatever you doing stop for awhile. I did for about two months and had no test since my last prop mast I was on, after two months I felt horrible low test symptoms and had ran test cyp for years as trt that eventually led to non stop blasting. Anyway I began pinning only 1 ml of the genex test e every week and after over 4 weeks got bloods done to check lipids and chlosterol but was surprised at my test levels that were added since I told him about how low my t was at after stopping quick ester test p even though im not sure how low it was only went off symptoms and no libido at all. After a few weeks on only a cc of test e I started to feel like myself after the second week and mood improved by four weeks when blood was done I was having good workouts and felt like my script of test cyp. my test was over 2400 with 789 free test and like I suspected chlosterol was SO high 363 total good chl was like 14 ! I made a forum about chlosterol and will post my bloods also even though they are few months old now(still kinda new to the site and how to do stuff) still beneficial and want to thank IPS for providing a good test that imo accurately dosed, I will continue to use IPS and this brand because I trust it and have had great results!

Additional commentary

Really like this source! Would recommend because products are good and come faster than most international sources! Thanks IPS!

I recommend shopping here!

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