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InterPharmServ Review #4


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Review for IPS been using these guys for awhile now, great source and really trust n love the genex brand have used so many products, can honestly say I have never had one bad product or issue. Solid brand and very good source.

Communication & Ordering process

Always easy dealing with walter, friendly and answers questions very promptly. Ordering is very easy and just a smooth process.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Discretely wrapped, very secure and honestly this source packs land so fast, on par with any domestic!

Items ordered

3/T.m.t. 450(genex) long ester cut blend, test, tren,mast

Product effectivenes and experience

After I got some bloodwork done and had my chlosterol levels come down, I decided to run a cut stack the t.m.t and some var, just to feel that intensity from the tren, I rarely use tren much and more, ive achieved more than enough size that I’ve wanted and focus mainly on just recomp and sculpting or trying to lean out while eating normal, tren lets me do this lol, the var at the end to stay full and get those pumps but continue leaning out. I will say that this is and was the strongest long ester blend I’ve used, ran a cc twice a week and after week three just that weekly tren amount was starting to kick hard, mainly just sweating my ass off at night, sleeplessness etc. I felt no need to go up in dose or more frequent, the test e I know is amazing from older bloods but I added test suspension preworkout a few times a week from another source, needless to say my libido and strength and power was thru the roof, incline benching 405 for three sets of 5 and felt euphoric and great pumps, the mast was legit IMO as I always piss alot when on mast e and start drying out, I added the var after week 3 just for added pumps and hardness, used 40 mg ed, one thing I noticed when adding the var was instant calf pumps from walking or going upstairs, this is something I always get when using real var so that and the fact that my midsection was tighter and my appetite was down a bit, made me thankful I added it in and really think genex has properly dosed oxandrolone. Overall I loved these product, they did exactly what I wanted them to and were potent. Id definitely recommend trying these products!

Additional commentary

Another great experience with ips, awesome products and quality, really has become my go to source, thanks ips!!

I recommend shopping here!

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