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InterPharmServ Review #7


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Communication & Ordering process

Communication was spot on, always responded to any question or inquiry within a very reasonable amount of time, and were also very helpful.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Shipping was extremely fast to the Eastern United States. Order came within a couple of days after ordering.

Items ordered

X6 Genex Pharma England Testrenex 400

Product effectivenes and experience

This was my first time using this source and this brand name of products and i honestly couldn’t be happier with the quality and the results of the products i ordered. I purchased 6 vials of the Testrenex 400 test e/tren e mix for a recomp cycle i ran. The dosage of this product is 250mg Test E, and 150mg Tren E. I was coming off a long injury before running this cycle and i unfortunately wasn’t able to train properly and this cycle really helped me get my strength and size back, plus more. I injected 1ml of the product twice a week for a total of 800mg per week, and ran it for a total of 12 weeks. Like most long esters, it took about 2 weeks for it to kick in but once it did i really felt it. I usually take short esters like Tren A and Prop, however i wanted to try the long ester versions of these products and i could not have been happier. I got pretty much the same results with less pinning and less side effects. I normally get horrible tren cough with Tren A, but with this product it was non existant. I got my strength back to where it had been before my injury and actually even increased the strength on some of my other ones. I would say after it was all done i gained around 18 pounds while losing some fat in the process with a good diet and some cardio. After the standard Clomid/Nolva pct, i kept around 13 pounds of it clean and kept my strength and size as well. I did have some insomnia towards the halfway point of the cycle, however thats something some melatonin could fix. I have taken tren before so i did get some increased aggression like in the past, but i put it to good use at the gym.

Additional commentary

I am very happy i got to try these guys out, the quality of their products and their speedy delivery and customer service should be commended. It will definitely not be the last time i purchase from them and i hope to place another order soon.

Thank you Interpharmaserv!

I recommend shopping here!

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