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InterPharmServ Review #51


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I’m writing this review for another great experience with IPS, anyone who has done business with this source knows how fast you get your gear and the quality of the genex brand of gear. This source is awesome, been using them for awhile and never had any problems, i have used several different products from the genex line specifically and they have all been amazing and very potent. This source has other brands i’d like to try as well as some pharm gear but my review is about a blend called T.M.T. 450 by genex england.

Communication & Ordering process

I have gotten used to the quick easy support from this source, they are always very professional and friendly and answer questions same day. They have even been helpful recommending certain gear to fit whatever my goals are at the time and have really gained my trust with the quality of gear and service. Each order has been easy to make and quick from start to finish.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

This source is one of the quickest if not the quickest i’ve ever used, honestly there have been times i ordered on a tuesday and received my pack friday. Anytime i got the order in during the week without like a weekend or days to break up mail i have got the packs between 3-4 days consistently. Packaging has always been discreet and easy to get to, sometimes sources make it overly taped or layers that get annoying but this source is perfect at getting it thru and not being detected but still easy to unwrap. You wouldn’t even know what you were receiving if you didn’t know. Never any broken vials or damaged tabs.

Items ordered

3 T.M.T 450-BLEND

Product effectivenes and experience

The product quality is superior with the genex england brand. The presentation looks like pharmacy steriods, it’s unbelievable but then when you try the products it really does match the look, they are and have been very potent and strong products, i’ve even used there oral line, the anavar was one of the best i have ever had. I usually love short esters and base my whole cycles around them. Mostly making my own ratio of cut blends like test p mast p and tren a, occasionally i swap tren a for npp just to take breaks of tren and let the nandrolone help my joints. The only problem is getting burnt out on pinning eod or ed. I found the T.M.T 450 when looking at the IPS site and trying to decide what to order. I noticed it was the same compounds for a cut mix but long ester mixes. The ratio was pretty strong and just made sense, i had already tried genex tren and it was super strong so i knew id get a lot out of this blend if it met label claims for a higher mg dosed mix. It exceeded my expectations, i was pinning one cc twice a week and then after two weeks decided to pin 1 and a half cc’s at the same schedule. I didn’t get any pip at all with the first few pins and i usually always do with any blends or cut mixes. I guess it was just really smooth and well brewed because everything else started really showing results. First thing was the gradual libido from the mast and test, i prefer test prop, but the test e was a nice change and just took a little longer but once it started kicking stayed incredibly high and more stable test levels. The tren in the mix started to show after 2nd week as far as few sides, when it comes to tren i am a lucky one that doesnt get horrible sides, never have, but i did notice an increase in body temp at night with or without high carbs. I sweat my ass off lol. Mast e is strange but an awesome compound if its truly mast e, i think all mast in this blend was legit, idk i did notice i had to piss a lot from the mast and that was a tell tale sign for me as all strong mast does this too me. Three weeks in and product seems to be nice and stable and i was having really good workouts and pumps, one night even staying and doing 225 for reps and hitting 43 which was a best for me. I did kinda become a dick on this as i had an increase in aggression that i think lasted longer than usual due to the long esters lol. This was a really good cut blend for me. i ran it just to tighten up and lose a few pounds of bodyfat and i did this easily. I began to notice more vascularity and like a tighter look to the under side of my biceps when flexing, started to notice more lines i guess. Overall i am very pleased with this product, it helped me not pin as much during the week and results i got were as good as any cut blend i’ve used. I’d recommend this product for sure and i will be buying the profinex short ester blend of these same compounds soon.

Additional commentary

I have had several orders with IPS now and been extremely happy everytime, they are a great source here and i like so many others hope they get verified. Thanks IPS!

I recommend shopping here!

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