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How long do steroid injections last

InterPharmServ Review #50


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I decided to give Walter from InterPharmServ a chance with the recent promo.

And that was a great decision. Walter has provided me with impeccable customer service, lightening fast communication, and quality product. That is my objective conclusion and I’m so happy I discovered This source.

Communication & Ordering process

Lightening fast. Email replies received within 2 hours.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Fast and discreet. T/A was 7 days counting the weekend.

Items ordered

Test cyp 500MG x 3
EQ 300MG x 3

Product effectivenes and experience

Product quality is phenomenal. Oils are clear. Photos are in my profile.

Pins smooth as butter. I have experienced ZERO pip.

Additional commentary

Walter and InterPharmServ is an amazing source. The shipping was fast, the products are quality and are WORKING (see my current progress photos), and in extremely impressed. Fast communication and customer service, and shipping–he’s going to be here a very long time.

I recommend shopping here!

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