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How to find local steroid supplier

InterPharmServ Review #47


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Overall satisfied with my experience with this source, I found it browsing around and was really reluctant to order at first but I’m glad I did and will probably put in bigger orders for the future.

Communication & Ordering process

Communication was great, e-mails with status of my order were right on time, since I had no issues I can’t comment on the support.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

T/A was pretty good, almost on par with domestic. No tracking number was provided which increased my anxiety but as soon as I got my pack in the mail I was happy. Packaging was well done, discrete and order was well protected. Only real concern was that the bottles had different colored caps…

Items ordered

2 x Tren-E

Product effectivenes and experience

Running a 16 week cycle with 250mg of Test E as a Base, 600mg of Tren and 600mg of EQ. I’m also including 3.33 UIS of HGH and T3 ED. I’m not fond of intramuscular pinning so I like longer esthers and split doses twice a week in order to maintain stable hormone levels. I’m on week 4 of the cycle and already getting warm body, night-sweats and a bit of insomnia which is how I usually gauge the quality of the Tren I’m using. I’m also experiencing good lean gains, increased vascularity and strength as well. Pinning was smooth no real PIP, but on the other hand I have a good tolerance for pain and the EQ might be playing a role as well.

Additional commentary

Happy overall, TA was good, Prices were good and quality seems good…will keep this in my backpocket for future orders.

I recommend shopping here!

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