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InterPharmServ Review #66


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This is for the guys at Interpharmaserv.com. A very good friend turned me on to them and im greatful he did. This experience with them was virtually perfect from communication, delivery, and quality.

Communication & Ordering process

Definatley had some questions about them regarding sterility and practices because within 10 minutes of being refered to them i was in communication feeling them out. They gave me a link address that showed their team and facility and instantly felt comfortable and assured. After 24 hours of debating i was ready to give them a shot. Ordering process was hassle free and didnt require extra unneeded steps to complete. Recieved a shipped email 1 day after donation was made.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

I recieved my package 3 days after shipped email!!! Cant beat it. I didnt even have time to even think or wonder about it. This truly amazed me considering they are intl. I know, i know i dont see how it possible either but this was my expeirence with them.
Packaging was very covert and discreet. Was like wearing a camoflaged shirt in the woods. Blended in very well. One of rhe best parts imo was it didnt take a natural disaster for me to get to the product inside.

Items ordered

1 Nandronex250(deca)
1 Profinex200(testprop100+tren ace100)

Product effectivenes and experience

This review is srrictly for the Genex line Profinex200. I have yet to use the nandronex.
I realize that appearance of vails have no bearing on quality but guys im telling you these are most profesional products ive ever held in my hand. They looked nice on the site but in person they blow me away. They clearly put time and energy into what they put out which says alot in this industry. They even have barcodes with serail numbers on them. Tightly crimped tops and clear oils. Also on the thicker side of oil inside. Grown accustomed to mct oil over the last few years and figured this thicker grapeseed carrier may bite abit because of the 100 mg testprop in it but nope, not at all. Highlt impressed myself. The only way i could even tell where i pinned was by knowing in my mind that i did. Lol.
I used this eod for 4 wks at .7 ml which equaled 70mg testp\70mg tren ace as a kickstart to the second half of a cycle that included sustanon @500 mg wk and tren e@ 600 mg wk. I began pinning the tren e the same time as the profinex200 and continued using the sustanon that had already was in full efect in my system because i was on it for 10 wks prior. That being said after the first pin i could feel the prop working. Had an energy boost and had an elevated first workout on it. Spiked my libido to the point where i wanted to rub one off in the shower after the gym.
After the first week on it i could feel the effect,s of the tren ace. Body temp had risen throughout the day and was sweating while eating at times. During lifting sesions i was soaked bad. Nasty style!!! Also around this same time i expierenced some very gorry erotic sex dreams which was a first for me. Almost made me uncomfortable but ohh well. Ive used tren at varius dosages in the past and honestly this was the first time i had consistent nite swets, trensomnia and vivid dreams. This leads me to believe this product was accuratly dosed. Week 2 got even better i. The gym. Intensity had rose to another level and strength quickly folowed. Massive pumps in arms,shoulders and chest. While lifting. Ive never been able to see this many viens all over my body. After the third week i started to breath heavier while walking up srairs and whatnot. I did not want this vail to run out at all and wish now i would have ordered much more but i had to test the waters and pleased i did. I put on a rock solid 7 lbs in this time.
ohh yea i forgot to mention that before the first week was up i had to up my ai dose becuase of extra conversion. Nips got tender and flared up which lead me to believe there was the amount of test they say their was also. Anhway im just rambling on now.

Additional commentary

I know how hard it is to trust diferent sources these days but im glad i did. This is an unknown hidden jewel for now. Ligjtning fast t/a with accurately dosed product which say alot to me. Plus hes an overall cool guy to deal with. If you do anything just go check thier site and the Genex line up which is predominatly what they carry. Go see for yourself.
I highly recommend these guys.

I recommend shopping here!

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