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InterPharmServ Review #60


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This is a review for genex test e and c

Communication & Ordering process

This is the one area I can say they definitely exceeded other sources I’ve used. Responses always within the hour and extremely polite every time. No support needed since there were no issues

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Packaging was safe, professional, and discreet. The way everything was wrapped gave me confidence they would not ever have a problem in transit.
Everything arrived in around a week.

Items ordered

Test e
Test c
Oil clarity, labels, and the overall look were impressive and appeared almost pharma quality. No pip with either.

Product effectivenes and experience

Been using for a little over 6 weeks now at 600mg a week with another sources tren at 150mg a week for a cut.
First off I have dropped 9 pounds with a quarter inch increase in arm size. I experienced a large libido increase to the point it was distracting as well as a bit of water retention. Had to up my AI to get rid of that. Acne hit hard as I usually have one pimple max at a time and now got hit hard, but that’s a good sign to me on test.
Strength went up around 10 lbs on compound movements even on a cut, while my muscles stayed full and pumps were intense. Vascularity increased significantly.

Additional commentary

Overall I recommend these guys and I’m hoping we’ll continue to see good things from them in the future

I recommend shopping here!

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