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Arimidex Anastrozole 1mg tab x 28 tablets Astra Zeneca


Anastrozole for sales. Aromatase enzymes are the cause of many negative side effects with taking anabolic steroids. Armidex is an effective drug which helps the bodybuilders by blocking these enzymes and minimizes the side effects.

Armidex which is also known with the name of Anastrozole is used to reduce the risks o f breast cancer in post menopausal women. It may harm the unborn baby and should not be used by pregnant women. Armidex is approved for the adjuvant treatment (treatment following surgery with or without radiation) and in metastatic breast cancer. It also acts as an anti-estrogen and decrease the amount of estrogens produced in the body. Anasrtrozole belongs to the family of drugs which are known as aromatize inhibitors. It stops the enzyme named aromatase which is responsible for converting androgens, produced in the adrenal glands of women, to estrogen. This is an effective drug when one is using aromatizing steroids extensively. The people prone to gynecomastia give value to the using moderate amounts of such steroids. Armidex have the negligible side effects of aminoglutethimide (Cytadren) and is the high degree barrier of estrogen than that of Cytadren. As Armidex have the ability to reduce estrogen to a large extent and due to this reason blood tests and salivary tests should be taken after the first week of using this drug to determine the correct dosing. As aromatase inhibitors, the mechanism of anastrozole – contrary to the mechanism of antiestrogen clomiphene (Klom) or tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Tadex – inhibits conversion aromatizable to estrogens, steroids) to block the estrogen receptor in certain tissues, and the other of the estrogen receptor activation.
During a cycle, there is no need to use Klomen if you are using Armidex but there is no harm of using Klomen during the cycle. Some researches show that both 5mg and 1mg doses of Armidex decrease estrogen by roughly 50%. In the same study, the dose of 1mg Armidex per day increased the level of testosterone by 58%.During the same course, the level of LH and FSH also increased slightly. All these studies bring us on the conclusion, a dose of 5mg would be sufficient to combat estrogen to reduce the side effects related to it. One thing more should be in mind that some estrogens are favorable in muscle growth which bodybuilders look for. Armidex does not stop the growth of estrogen but reduce the estrogen to the least level and proves a better drug as compared to other such drugs for achieving muscle gains with the least side effects. It’s already told that the use of Armidex increases the testosterone level to a large extent. This testosterone level is so large that it can be used as a “form” of testosterone replacement therapy for hypogonadal men. To regain natural testosterone levels and full functioning of the Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary- Axis (HPTA), Armidex is suggested to use in a post-cycle as well as within the cycle. One should keep consulting the literature provided by the original makers of Anastrazole (Zeneca Pharmaceuticals) for knowing the details. It is written in the literature that the stable blood plasma concentrations of the compound are achieved after only 7 consecutive doses of Armidex comprising 1mg.Armidex is more than 80% effective at inhibiting aromatase. If anybody thinks of using it for the entire duration of a cycle of anabolic steroids, he is advised to start on the same day of beginning the cycle. Is it valid to use for the entire cycle? Isn’t it dangerous? It reduces estrogen level, water retention, and potential for the gynocomastia, and all that is good for bodybuilding point of view. If there is no estrogen in your body, you can’t get gynocomastia regardless of how much progesterone is floating around. That’s the good quality of Armidex that this stuff does not affect the blood cholesterol for being an extremely mild.

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