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Buy Profinex (Prop + Tren Mix) 200 | 10ml GenexPharma

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Profinex 200 is a powerful steroid blend designed to enhance athletic performance and promote muscle growth. It contains trenbolone acetate and testosterone propionate, which help increase nitrogen retention, improve protein synthesis, reduce body fat, and boost strength and stamina. Profinex 200 is intended for experienced athletes and bodybuilders, with a recommended dosage of 200-400mg per week. It is produced by GenexPharma in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring quality and safety. Buy Profinex 200 today to take your performance to the next level. Please note that Profinex 200 is for research and scientific purposes only and should be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Profinex 200 – Powerful Steroid Blend for Enhanced Performance

Introducing Profinex 200, a high-quality steroid blend designed to help athletes and bodybuilders achieve their fitness goals. Manufactured by GenexPharma, a trusted name in the industry, Profinex 200 offers a potent combination of 100mg/ml of trenbolone acetate and 100mg/ml of testosterone propionate per ml. Each vial contains 10ml of this powerful formula.

Enhance Your Performance

Profinex 200 is specifically formulated to enhance athletic performance and promote muscle growth. Trenbolone acetate is known for its ability to increase nitrogen retention in the muscles, leading to enhanced protein synthesis and muscle development. Additionally, it helps to reduce body fat and improve muscle hardness and vascularity.

Testosterone propionate, on the other hand, is a fast-acting ester of testosterone that provides a quick release of testosterone into the bloodstream. This promotes increased strength, stamina, and overall performance. It also aids in muscle recovery and supports the growth of lean muscle mass.

Benefits of Profinex 200:

Enhances muscle growth and development
Improves nitrogen retention for increased protein synthesis
Reduces body fat and promotes muscle hardness
Boosts strength, stamina, and overall performance
Aids in muscle recovery and supports lean muscle mass

Usage and Dosage

Profinex 200 is intended for use by experienced athletes and bodybuilders who are familiar with the effects of anabolic steroids. It is important to follow the recommended dosage guidelines to ensure safe and effective use.

The typical dosage for Profinex 200 is 200-400mg per week, injected intramuscularly. The frequency of administration can vary depending on individual goals and tolerance levels. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or fitness expert before starting any steroid cycle.

Quality and Safety

GenexPharma is committed to providing high-quality products that meet stringent industry standards. Profinex 200 is produced in state-of-the-art facilities, utilizing advanced manufacturing processes to ensure purity and potency. Each batch is rigorously tested for quality and safety, giving you peace of mind.

Buy Profinex 200 Today

Experience the benefits of Profinex 200 and take your performance to the next level. Buy Profinex 200, 200mg/ml, 100mg trenbolone acetate and 100mg testosterone propionate per ml, and 10ml per vial by GenexPharma from our authorized retailers. Please note that Profinex 200 is for research and scientific purposes only and should not be used for any other purposes.

Disclaimer: The use of Profinex 200 or any other anabolic steroid should be done under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare professional. Misuse or abuse of these substances can lead to serious health risks.

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