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InterPharmServ Review #55


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Interpharmserv is the BEST source I’ve ever used.

Communication & Ordering process

The source has the best communication of anyone I’ve ever used and I’ve used a bunch. He’s never not gotten back to me within 24 hours, and it usually only a few hours. His customer service is so excellent, he’s so polite and never feisty or rude, like many other sources. Always professional, generous, and kind.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

This source is turnaround is bewildering fast. Every single order I’ve gotten, all eight of them, have come in three to four days. The packaging is discreet and well protected.

Items ordered

Test P 100
Test E 250
Mast E 200
Deca 250
Aromasin tabs
Caber tabs
Anadrol 25 x 100 tabs

Product effectivenes and experience

This is pharmaceutical grade stuff. The test prop is amazing.
I shot 150mg of this at 8 PM and woke up at 4am having to ummm… “take care of myself.”
Then four more times that next day!

Keep in mind that I’m 53 years old. That couldn’t jerk
It five times in a single day when I was 23 years old, or even 18 years old! The Test Enanthate 250 is thick cuz it’s pharmaceutical-type gear; not in clear mct oil like so many of the domestic ugl’s. I have several guys on it for TRT. They all report increased libido, decrease in fatigue, and feelings of well-being. I’m using it myself for the same reason and I’m having the same results.

The T400 is having the same excellent results for several other guys on TRT. The Aromasin tabs effectively reduced my estrogen quickly which was rising as evidenced by decreasing libido (Boo!), moodiness (Gross mood swings like a chick!), and acne. It cleared them up so fast I couldn’t believe it.

The other products I have yet to use, but will review when
I’ve used them for sufficient time to render valid reviews.

But the test prop 200 EOD in particular brought out increased vascularity, strength has probably gone up 10% in six weeks, and keep in mind that I’m already very strong and way near the extreme end of my genetic potential in that sense. It also increased the hardness and definition and striations in my muscles within a week or two. It’s great stuff Amazing actually.

Additional commentary

I’m not kidding, this source is amazing. The guy is so generous and professional that it’s a really refreshing experience. There are other generous and professional services on here but this one has just been my best experience over and over.
I highly recommend this guy—DON’T MISS OUT!

I recommend shopping here!

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