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InterPharmServ Review #46


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I took advantage of their buy 1 get 2 free promo a while back and am glad I did. I was skeptical about such a great deal but decided to drop a big order anyways and am glad that I did.

Communication & Ordering process

Walt was top notch. He had quick responses to emails (like within 1 hour of sending) And was very professional with responses.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Very quick with order confirmation and sending out of products. Fell well within his T/a time which is impressive during a massive promo time. I can only imagine how fast it will be during regular time. The packaging was discrete and well packaged. Not 1 problem with any of my 33 bottles.

Items ordered

Genex pharma brand
6 t.m.t (test e, tren e, mast) blend
6 test prop
6 sustanon
3 tren e
6 deca
6 tren a

Product effectivenes and experience

I can only comment on the TMT blend, the deca, tren e, and test prop. I have not used the tren a or sustain yet. The quality is top notch. The bottles look professional and the liquid is clear. There is a little PIP after injection however it’s not terrible. I found that if I push slow and massage the spot after injecting, it’s very minimal. It’s gone in 3 days and I use it as a reminder that’s it’s time to inject again. The potency and quality of the product well over rules the minor discomfort I experience.

I am literally in love with the TMT blend. If I could marry it, I would. I have been using for the last several weeks and have seen crazy size increase with it. I wake up and I feel full and hard (in more than 1 way) like I have never felt before.

The test prop hits you hard and fast like you would expect it would. Had great increase in size, strength, oily skin, and aggression.

The tren and deca hit me about the same. Again, great size and strength increase. I had terrible insomnia and night sweats with tren. Welcomed it because when I couldn’t sleep, I would just go to the gym. Win win!!!

Additional commentary

I absolutely love this company and have zero doubts about the purity and quality of this gear. Walt is always a pleasure to talk to.

I recommend shopping here!

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