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InterPharmServ Review #53


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This review is for npp and test cyp.

Communication & Ordering process

Communication and support are probably the best I’ve ever seen with any source always quick to reply and prompt any questions I had Walter was quick to answer

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

I received my order and literally 4 days everything was packaged tight no broken bottles exactly how it should be

Items ordered

Npp and test cyp

Product effectivenes and experience

Was my first experience with npp did 1cc EOD there was 0pip and smooth injections. I switched over to Walters test from another source I don’t feel my levels dropped my libido remained high and I felt great. There were no issues with either product.

Additional commentary

I gained a solid 7 to 10 pounds really thickened up in certain areas, my joints felt at ease and my lifts were powerful. I highly recommend this source, interpharmserv will definitely be hearing from me again.

I recommend shopping here!

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