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InterPharmServ Review #72


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this was my first order from these guys and i have to say it wont be my last, great gear with fast ta is the winning combo for me. many thanks to walter for making everything smooth and seamless, definately a gentleman an business man which is kinda rare,

Communication & Ordering process

comms were great like i said a pleasure to deal with these guys, very curteous.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

ta was really quick for int. believe it was like 4-5 days

Items ordered

mast p 150

Product effectivenes and experience

t400- i ran 1cc 2x wk for 10 weeks and i noticed it and felt it within the first week. you can always feel good test start to kick in and that tells me it was better then what i was running previously. first thing was libido which was pretty common but then the strength really started peaking around week 4 and it was just up from there, all my lifts went up anywhere between 10-25 lbs and by the end i gained 15 lbs and kept roughly 10 of it.
mast p 150- i ran 1cc eod for 10 wks and again felt it almost immediately and was definately better than the mast i was previously running. the mast really kept any bloat away and estro under control and did wonders for my physique especially if you have lower bf, my strength really skyrockets on mast and like i stated before all my lifts increased as well with rep count, ohh had my veins popping in shoulders and abdominal area which is rarer for me. kept 10 lbs.

Additional commentary

great gear, if they can keep this combo of great gear and fast ta going quality then theyll be around for a long time and be verified in no time. like i stated i will definately be back for more.

I recommend shopping here!

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