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InterPharmServ Review #63


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A friend of mine told me he was happy with these guys and that I might want to give them a try. I figured why not?…and I’m glad I did.

Communication & Ordering process

Communication was very fast. I didn’t have to wait but about an hour, most times less, for a response to any questions I had.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Outstanding order process. Product shipped the same day I paid. I couldn’t ask for better….Unless they wanted to ship the day BEFORE I pay. lol. No complaints in the TA department 7 days, and that’s counting weekends.
Packaging was very plain and ordinary. Product was well protected and very secure wrapped. No chance of anything rattling, bouncing around.

Items ordered

2- Profinex 200…that’s 100mg test p and 100mg tren a per ml

Product effectivenes and experience

Used this at 1ml eod for about 6 weeks ( until I ran out ), along with 0.5 prami ed and 12.5mg aromasin eod. At the end of week 2 I noticed a strength increase, then some nice pumps at every workout. I was making steady gradual increases in size and strength while looking leaner for the rest of the cycle. Diet was not the cleanest, but it made no difference, even the entire pack of Oreo’s every other day for about 2 weeks didn’t seem to stick to me the wrong way. The lean, full look lasted.
The only side effects experienced was some vivid, off-the-wall dreams…..and night sweats starting at the end of week 3 forward.

Additional commentary

I have already ordered a second time and was pleased once again. I’m definitely a customer who is happy. Product looks great and it works. I recommend IPS to anyone with no hesitation and confident that they will be just as pleased as I am. Thanks IPS.

I recommend shopping here!

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