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What is a steroid shot

InterPharmServ Review #41


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when i saw the promo buy 1 get 2 free i said lets try this company and boy what a surprise this company has the best service and products i have used.This will be my first choice in buying my products.

Communication & Ordering process

very quick they answer questions in less than an hour i was surprise because other companies i used before they will answer in 24 hrs.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

i got my package in 4 days very discreet.

Items ordered

genexpharma cypionex 250 ,masteronex-p150,propionex 100,trenbonex-A 100

Product effectivenes and experience

The quality of the products is excellent pharma grade.i started using 1cc propionex with 1cc of masteronex and 1cc of cypionex-250 a week the rest of the products every 3 days and 1/2 of trenbonex-A100 every 3 days to see how my body responds to the trenbolone,the tren is so strong i keeping that dose for the rest of the cycle im on week 5 im bigger and in better shape, on week 6 im using 2cc of cypionex weekly to replace completely the propionex the rest of the products they stay the same dose, i started the cycle weighting 240 lbs now i weight 252 bigger and in better shape i never been this strong in my life im doing the cycle for 16 weeks.i love genexpharma products.

Additional commentary

This will be the only company i be buying from now on.thank you for your service and products keep the good work.

I recommend shopping here!

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