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What is a steroid

InterPharmServ Review #40


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Start to finish. Top notch. This is long overdue from promo

Communication & Ordering process

Answers every email. No question to stupid. Actually, easiest ever next to the local guy!

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

West USA about 7 days. Tight, would never have any idea what’s coming and couldn’t be busted up unless someone took a hammer to pack. Heck, couldn’t open it without a sharp scissors!

Items ordered

3test C
3 Nandro…get the idea….great promo!

Product effectivenes and experience

I was off for real, 2 months ,training was OK but lots of work. Point is great time to try new products. Usually do test long acting 400 and tren 500, masteron 600 , so basically anabolic double test. Since I stopped competition, this keeps me lean and whatever. Genpharm excellent. Got back to baseline, 240 around 8 percent, with 2 tmt per week and 1 cc test cyp, 2 cc masteron prop 150, 1 tri tren. So,basically 600 test, 500 Masteron , 450 tren. Since there was no internet when I started, it was by trial and error and Dan duchaine rip! I have to take a bit of thyroid and throw in maybe a small AMT of anavar , but IPS quality genpharm worked as expected , I judge by mirror and my training partner not side effects, so I don’t mention sweats and anything because thank God I don’t really deal with sides until I go off! Soft and weaker is a bad side effect. Kidding, but yes I do get night sweats from tren and gen PHARM from IPS sweat my ass off at night.

Additional commentary

I like to have a few go to guys and Walter is on the list for sure. One more thing, the color of all the gear was what you would expect, I know it could vary and ugls might be getting better but man the tren is that dark ma ple. Not that it matters, genpharm PA coating looks pro.

I recommend shopping here!

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