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InterPharmServ Review #45


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Hoped on Walt’s promo for the buy 1 get 2 free and did two orders in 2 weeks. Sounded to good to be true at first, but boy oh boy was it not!

Communication & Ordering process

Walt will respond in a few minutes if you catch him at a respectable time of the day. He answers all questions that may be had and handles business very professionally.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Only a few days on both orders. 4 on the first order, 6 on the second I believe. To Midwest. Safe and secure packaging to keep the stuff safe.

Items ordered

12x Test Prop
3x Tren Ace
3x Prop 100 / Tren Ace 100 Blend

Product effectivenes and experience

I have been using his gear and his gear only for around 6 weeks. Started with Prop at 150/EOD and suffered a bit of PIP, so I diluted it down with some Grapeseed oil I have and it disappeared. It kicked in within a week and I was aggressive and noticing my muscle stay full in a caloric deficit.

I then switched my stack up a bit to incorporate the tren in. I switched to 50mg prop ED and tren 50mg ED and have been slowly upping the tren as I go along. His tren kicked in the first couple days. Slight cough (which is good) after injecting only 75mgs. Leanness has been improving day by day following a pretty strict diet and AM and PM cardio. Nipples got a bit puffy as well rather quickly, which means this is good stuff. My attitude is awful and I have little to no care in the world outside the gym. I am short with everyone and can barely focus on peoples complaints or what they are talking to me about because I just don’t care. The tren works well in the place of talking to girls becuase I just feel so cocky and confident that I don’t care if they want to hook up with me. The mental sides all point to dope ass tren!!!! The Profinex (Tren/Prop Blend) is so convenient and powerful, one of the best blends I have tried.

Additional commentary

These guys have good stuff, give em a try and see for yourself. Will be using more of this gear in the future1

I recommend shopping here!

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