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InterPharmServ Review #3


Check SunnyD.81 Review About US On Eroids

Reviewing my genex testosterone masteron Arimidex Nolvadex and Clomid I ran with my DHB last cycle but the DHB was from another source on here but he has a disclosure about no reviews. All in all I really liked the genex oils, kinda thick but felt consistent and I made good gains and the tabs look pharma.

Communication & Ordering process

He’s responds really fast to emails and he’s on some other boards and actively responded to my messages there as well

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Aboutb5 days total USA domestic, vials were wrapped well and the tabs all arrived in packages so no damage and it was in a regular looking pack, pretty stealth lol

Items ordered

genex testosterone(3) masteron(1) bold (3) var (1) Arimidex (2)Nolvadex(2) and Clomid (2)

Product effectivenes and experience

I ordered more than I needed for this cycle which turned out well cause I love his oils and im running his test again now but different mast.
But this is for his test at 250 a week mast 200 week with .25mg adex e3d and I used his tabs for PCT. Nolva 40 Clomid 100. So his test felt great and I got a huge libido boost from it, injected smooth and felt good, the mast made me very hard and grainy and complimented the DHB well. Thick oils but very smooth, that cycle I made a total of 8lbs increase after cycle I kept just running these low doses with some DHB, I feel great on lower test and this seems accurately dosed . The Arimidex made me drier than Aromasin but I didn’t get any gyno so I’m happy with it overall. I’m running his bold now and im 4 weeks in and hungey as hell, too early ro gauge completely but so far so good So im ordering 1 more vial and some more var to run it properly at the end. All in all I love his prices and domestic shipping and I recommend him

I recommend shopping here!

Shop Steroids here: https://interpharmserv.com

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