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InterPharmServ Review #19


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I bought some gear from Interpharm here earlier this year. I wanted to use/try everything from the order before I posted a review. I owe a few since I always buy bits and pieces off suppliers

Communication & Ordering process

Good comms and support, nothing to complain about.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Great packaging. Very stealth…I had no idea what it was until I opened and was “Ohhhh yes! That was quick.” ETA was what was stated and interesting where it departed from, that was a first for me. Point of origin is IMO def a good spot to ship from

Items ordered

3 Test cyp…cypionex
3 EQ…boldenex
3 mast p…can’t remember the “trade name” they gave this one

Product effectivenes and experience

Initially used the EQ this winter and spring. The second or third time I ran EQ…so IDK if it was me and being a first timer or what but the original rounds of EQ(other brands) I ran seemed a bit stronger than the Interpharm EQ. The hunger didn’t hit me as hard with this brand. Maybe the other ones were overdosed? Cuz I still got some good effects, the vascularity and EQ always makes my shoulders pop, just gives ya that look.
Ran about 300-450mg just as I have the last several times I ran EQ too. Same time as about 16 weeks, or just over 4 months. Overall I was pleased with the EQ but I am not sure I would buy again.

Mast P was the addition I tacked onto the EQ run towards the end and I def like the mast P from here. Ran a relatively low dose, I think 300mg/wk. 3 shots MWF for a prop ester, good enough I guess even tho I like to really do prop ED not EOD. Oh well as I got some good combined effects when added to my EQ run. Extra dryness and vascular. I love how mast makes me feel and look….the feel is I get some added aggression in the gym. One vial of this I had did crash too…I brought it back tho heating in a lil water saucepan on the stove
Mast had a bit of a bite to it too I remember…but I think it was only the crashed vial, which makes sense. I ran this mast around the time I ran another suppliers mast, and I just wrote a review on that as well, so I thought it was a good comparison to this trusted other brand in my eyes. Long winter/spring cycle this year!

The test cyp I am currently using on my break(trt) and I like it. I am using only a very small amount of 250mg/wk but its sustaining me pretty well. Libido is great actually and me and the wifey are always horndogs so we go at it just about every day or every other day hahaha and no complaints. Ehhh here and there I have some ‘soft’ moments on trt but I think its a mental thing or something. Just play around some more and willy is right back at it.
I would say the test cyp was the best out of the 3 compounds. Mast p was decent. I would purchase those two again but maybe not the EQ. IDK hard for me to say much about the eq cuz I feel I am still a rookie with that stuff. I just know it wasn’t as strong as another brand at same dose, best thing I can say.

Additional commentary

Decent gear. Not my fave but def worth trying out. Catch a sale and you will probably be satisfied dealing with IPS

I recommend shopping here!

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