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InterPharmServ Review #16


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Ive been a customer of IPS and Walter since beforw he was verified and still to this day. I freind reffered me to him and ive done the same to others since finding him. What can i say other than ive never had an issue with quality, t/a or customer service. Now over the years Walt and I have had a few disagreements regarding pricing but he seems to always bait me in with deals that im unable to pass up. This reveiw will be for test e250, tren e200, and mast e200, genex adex and injectdbol50 and oral 15mg dbol that i used for slicing and diceing begining in late June and ending September.

Communication & Ordering process

Communication has always been his weakest point for me. And ita because when i sleep hes awake and when im awake hes in dream land or whatever he doea and nitey nite time. Generally 12 hrs is max time it takes for a responce which as we all know isnt bad at all for a int source. Sometimes ita much faster and sometime he corresponds immidiatly back n forth as if its text messaging. I have had one pack never arrive and without hesitation he reshipped for me very timely.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

T/A and packing is as good as it gets for any domestic. Yea thats rite boys and girls…good as any GOOD domestic. This mans ships the day after or the day of donation depwnding on when you send info and it arrives to the land of the free and to your doorstep in 5 DAYS EVERYTIME. I will jist say it again incase someo e missed it tDAYS EVERYTIME. Havent a clue how he does it but he does. No bs. Packing is so stealthy. I have to ask myself ” did i order( what pack claims is in it). Anyway lets just say it is well disguised.

Items ordered

Test cyp
Testprop/tren a blend
Teste/eq blend
Test e/tren e blend
Inject drol and dbol
Oral drol and dbol
Tren a
Tren e
Mast e
Mast prop
Man i cant rememwber all of it. I biught alot if shit fronthis place

Product effectivenes and experience

This was a 12week recomp after being of and away from home for awhile. Was fatter and weaker than normal whem starting cycle. I ran the teste at 600mg wk and the tren eand mast e at 400wk. I used the adex at half a 1mg tab mon/thurs on pin days amd it kept me dry and estro in check. I also used the 15mg dbol twice a day 1am and 1tab pm and uses the inject dbol prewrkout at 50-75 mg ed. Being it long estered cycle it took a few weeks to get anyrhing fron those inject compounds but boy i tell ya the combo of oral amd inject dbol led to some good pumps and nice early gains in strength. I am able to stay lean on dbol as long as estro is in check. I like the dbol alot for the good feeling and agression in gym. Aeound week 3 is when my body started showing signs of metamorphosis. Oily skin especially while lifting. I get that glossy bacon grease effect with my tan. I skine bright like a diamond. Pumps continue where the dbolleft off and then some. The combo of test mast and tren give me goid pumps. The mast dht side i get is alot of agression. Almost ki da snappy at times and i have to check myself. The tren really boost my sex drive alit at first. Midway thru cycle i cud tell this was gonna be one of my best in recomp properties as i was able to loose a few sizes in pants and get wider up top really get the 3 deminsional look we all try to achieve. My back delts began to pop and chest bwgan to grow. Once i shed alot of water from the elevated body temp at all times and it being summer the grainy rock look to hold. By then my abs began to show up and the vascularity was noticeable. Overall i was extremely pleased with these drugs as i believe they are properly dosed. They did like they ahould at those doses on me. I was able to eat more bullshit and still achieve goals and gains which is why i love tren the most. Now i did experiwnce some shedding and thinning of my hair. Its happens from the mast. If i had one complaint it is that these oils are so thick. It takes very ling time to pin them which does help with pip on these high mig blends he has but other than that this whole thing IPS does is good. Quality gear, fast t/a, and great support = Excellent source!!

Additional commentary

I honestly dont have anything else to say but thank you to Walter at IPS. Keep up the good work and if you boys are thinking about pulling the trigger i say go for it. These guys are legit all the way around.

I recommend shopping here!

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