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InterPharmServ Review #24


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Interpharmserv review of Genex Pharma Proprionex 100

Communication & Ordering process

Walter is very polite and customer friendly. He answered every question I had in a very timely fashion.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Order took less then two weeks to be delivered and was discrete and safely packaged. The vials were is perfect condition.

Items ordered

6 – Genex Pharma Proprionex 100 (Testosterone Prop)

Product effectivenes and experience

WOW! This Test Prop is very well dosed and legit. Within an hour of injection, I start getting hard like a teenager on viagra :-). Prop is my favorite ester of Test to use because I enjoy pinning more often then once a week. I have used many other lab brands of Test over the past 3 years since starting TRT and Genex Pharma is my favorite. This Prop is a little thick and can be difficult when using a smaller gauge pin but I made that easier and reduced the PIP by heating up the oil with hot running water. My dosing was 100mg (1cc) EOD.

Additional commentary

I will be ordering more Genex Prop from Walter as soon as I need more.

I recommend shopping here!

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