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InterPharmServ Review #26


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Interpharmserv.is is fantastic! This review is overdue from back when they ran their buy 1 get 2 free eroids promo a while back. This is one of my first forays not using an eroids top ten supplier. Thank being said, once the word is out, I expect them to be on the rise on the eroids top 10!

Truly a great source.

Communication & Ordering process

Walter is the man. Communication was lightning quick , friendly , and concise. Donation picked up like The Flash and goods shipped virtually immediately after placing my order. No shit, my packages arrived only a few days later.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Turn around was crazy fast. With Walter being so helpfu and on point , I literally received my goods faster than any company I have ever used foriegn or domestic. Packaging my discrete and very very securely packed. Couldn’t be happier

Items ordered

I figured with a buy 1 get 2 promo, how could anyone with a brain in their head pass on that deal. Boy I’m glad I jumped on that deal. I utilized this sale for my presummer cycle and holy shit was I impressed.


GenexPharma Test E / EQ blend
GenexPharma Test prop 100 mg

Product effectivenes and experience

I was eager to try the Genex pharma line as I have never tried their products. I have to say very impressive. First for both products, thick thick thick oil that has a noticeable aroma. Very slow going through my 25 gauges. My first pin to get started was the prop. I ran prop alone 3 x per week for 3 weeks at 1ml per, just to get started and try the product. I must have gotten a bad bottle to start with because the pip was extreme. Ive used suspension, TNE,and prop all before and this was the worst. Huge knots and terrible pip upon injecting. It was however as I suspected. Just a bum bottle, which happens with 10ml bottle from time to time.
After my initial bad prop experience the real fun began.

I ran for my cycle 14 weeks on this protocol.
Week 1 . Mon. Weds. Fri. .5 ml prop mixed with 1 ml Test/EQ (front load long esters week 1)
Week 2 – 14. 2 x per week. Monday and Thursday .5 ml prop mixed with 1 ml of Test E/ Eq blend

The only other product I used was some Aromasin I already had on hand from another source. Starting in week 2 half a tab EOD until the end.

To explain my cycle and dosage. I react extremely well to training, nutrition , and AA . Thank Mommy and Daddy for the fantastic genetics. EQ I like to run in the summer to cut, while being full, and bringing on the insane vascularity. Most recommend using EQ at high dosages where as for me I have no need to. EQ sides for me are EXTREME HUNGER also accompanied by anxiety. Anxiety that increases if I’m not eating a tremendous amount of food virtually every hour. So for a cut I never exceed 500 mg a week.
This product however was so quality I used 400 mg a week and that seemed to be my ceiling.

Quality of the products can not be understated. Cept the one bum prop bottle. I had just a tremendous experience. With my moderate use combined with my fitness program I was able to completely reshape my body. Many many compliments on my physique with many asking ” What are you doing? “. I am now lean, full, and totally ripped. Very athletic looking with Veins everywhere.

Additional commentary

Great company, with great service, and quality products. If you are looking for a new source give Walter and Interpharmserv. a try. I am confident you will not be disappointed. Stay Huge everybody!


I recommend shopping here!

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