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InterPharmServ Review #38


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This is my first order with this source and it’s from the promo he had. Very satisfied with the service and quality so far.

Communication & Ordering process

Communication was A+ always got to me in a timely manner.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

T/A as mentioned was beyond excellent coming from an international source. Packaging was very compact and sealed great and all in tact.

Items ordered

Test Prop
Tren ace
Test cyp

Product effectivenes and experience

Order quite a few products for others but I ran TMT 2x per week at 1cc per shot. Currently passing 5 weeks and improvements are all there. Lifts keep increasing, overall size is increasing which I usually gauge from the fit of my clothes and not so much of the numbers on the scale although my weight has also increase but not to insane because my diet has been very clean overall. With diet being clean, vascularity is thru the roof which prior to this cycle I had taken a break from gear for about 5-6 months. Body fat also dropping, the little love handles I’ve gained prior is going going and almost gone. Those would say are plus to it, and the negative I’d say is my aggression is back and road rage like a MF. Also back acne a bit is starting to show. With back acne I’m usually a hit or miss but w this TMT I’m getting it. Also the first 2-3 weeks I’ve gotten that rough soreness pinning my delts from TMT. Kinda sucked but I pushed thru it and now I don’t even get that soreness anymore.

Additional commentary

Overall quality for TMT id give it an A+ all the signs are there for me. Once I go into 8-9 weeks I’d hope to draw bloods and post for you guys. I would definitely do future orders w Walter, promo or no promo. I have no doubt by the end of this cycle I will be totally satisfied.

I recommend shopping here!

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