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InterPharmServ Review #68


Check Cobradeuce Review About InterPharmServ (IPS) On Eroids

Review for genexpharma quality products ordered from interpharmserv.

Communication & Ordering process

Communication always good with this source. They response very promptly. Top notch Team! IPS take care of his customer always! They are very polite and professional.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Package was excellent, discreet and very professional. Got my pack in 4 days.

Items ordered

4 x tritren genexpharma
4 x profinex genexpharma
4 x t400 genexpharma

Product effectivenes and experience

Products quality was great. I ran 750mg a week of the genexpharma tri-tren 250, 600mg a week of genexpharma profinex 200 and 800mg a week of genexpharma t400 for 10 weeks. The pumps kicked in fast after 2 days. I enjoyed more libido, more aggression and amazing PUMPS at gym. Products are the best I’ve ever used. I really like. When I say quality I mean clean smooth oil and no PIP. I feel good on these products having that sense of well being. I feel good in gym and have insane energy. I gained about 16 pounds of quality muscle gains on this cycle.

Additional commentary

Outstanding customer service. IPS has always been a reliable legit sourcce. Interpharmserv great price and goodselection of goods. Great source, i will keep ordering. I will recommend them to anyone looking for good quality products. Overall a happy customer. If you haven’t ordered from interpharmserv before then you need to try them you wont be disappointed!

I recommend shopping here!

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