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InterPharmServ Review #52


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Hello there long waited review for my intra-closing of my cycle. I ordered off a promo the buy 1 get 2 FREE.


The stuff is legit. The packaging was super discreet and clever I’ll say that

I was running alongside from my other src on here reputable Mast e and Test alongside for a maintenance cycle.

But WOW this tri-tren gave me the worst nightmares!…. DAD?

Anyways, the hardness, vascularity that was lacking from the masteron and in part, my diet a little bit at the moment — I got the quad veins I always get on tren and no doubt… its got an A in my book. Besides the fact that I personally experience(d) a TINY bit of PiP when I use SHORT esters versus long esters. I’m sure some of you can agree with me on that. Not the products fault by any means.

Communication & Ordering process

Answered me within 5 minutes everytime. The man!!

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

oh my… what was it 3 days from src to me in midwest USA? Unreal.

Items ordered

Tri-tren 250mg/ml SUPER POTENT!!!

Product effectivenes and experience

10/10 All across.

I recommend shopping here!

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